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Jim Stuckenberg was born in 1943 completely deaf. Even though he has never heard a sound in his life Jim has never let it stop from accomplishing greatness. Today he is both an animal lover and world renowned bronze artist. While Jim was in college at Fresno State University he worked on several large ranches breaking horses to ride. Jim was also on the Fresno State college Rodeo Team participating in both bull riding and bronc riding. In his last year of college he finished 3rd in the West Coast bull riding standings.

Jim has always loved animals and nature. And In the early 70's, Jim started racing quarter horses and thoroughbreds and continues racing to this day.

Jim’s art is collected all over the world. And is he is one of the most accomplished Western artists of our time. Some of his collectors include: the late President Ronald Reagan, Terry Bradshaw, Prince Shalman of Saudi Arabia, Jimmy Rogers (son of Will Rogers), The Hearst Family, King Ranch, Fess Parker, Wayne Lucas, and Prime Minister of India, Gandhi.

Jim is one of those rare individuals who makes life more beautiful for those he comes in contact with. George Batten, a West Coast art critic, said, "One day Jim Stuckenberg's work will be shown and compared with all the great artists of yesterday and today. Fact is, it's already happening."

An investment in an original or limited edition Stuckenberg, whether bronze, oil, watercolor, or pen & ink, will be a rewarding and pleasurable experience!







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Ronald Reagan as Governor shown receiving a painting from Jim Stuckenberg at Hope Ranch, September 29, 1969.

In much the same manner that Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt was influential in helping establish Frederic Remington; early in Jim’s career Reagan was influential in helping Jim both as a friend and collector.

When it came to Jim and “Ronny” they had a lot in common, Conservative values, horses, and a love for the West. In spite of Jim’s handicap (deaf from birth); Reagan treated Jim with respect and dignity. After Reagan became President, Jim produced a highly sought after bronze of Reagan on horseback. Jim would later do another personal portrait for Reagan (one of his favorite) which he and Nancy took with them to the White House. Through the years they spent a lot of time together riding and discussing art both at the Rancho De Cielo and the Rancheros Vistadores ridding club in Santa Ynez, CA.





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